Which Theater Show is the Right Choice?

You will want to visit a theater show while on vacation in your Pigeon Forge rental cabin. But which one is right for your family, with something to entertain everyone? Consider Smoky Mountain Opry, an upscale, fast-paced variety show production to suit every taste.

The show opens with an expected delectable slice of Nashville: contemporary hits followed with a classic series of memorable tunes. Talented, seasoned musicians provide professional live music as the tunes evolve to a bit of Broadway, pop, and movie scores. The melodies turn from nostalgia to heart moving with some Gospel pieces, and end with a patriotic celebration.

The continual action is visually captivating, with dynamic stage sets and lighting, used artfully throughout the musical arrangements of skilled singers and dancers. Where else can you see flying fiddlers, silk aerial artists, and flaming pianos in a single sitting? Be transported from Nashville to London to Africa without moving from your seat? And the animals! From horses to serval cats and tigers, to the newest addition: a rare and regal white lion.

One highlight is the Circle of Life/Lion King set. Splendid tribal-costumed dancers recreate animals in their homeland, and the appearance of the majestic large felines makes this scene memorable. The theater also has planned to construct a habitat for these gorgeous creatures, so they will be well-maintained in a natural environment. Great care is taken to provide for the needs of these beautiful beasts.

Interspersed throughout the music is a wide variety of entertainment acts: talented character comedians, amazing physical feats from “Slim Chance” the juggler, and audience participation in a silent movie slapstick routine. Also appealing is a fast-paced, circus-themed “Magic Beyond Belief” act of large-scale illusions.

Our 5-year old laughed aloud at the comedy, grandmother gasped in amazement at a daring physical feat, and I could not help but sing along to various well-known lyrics. This show truly works the hardest in town to provide quality entertainment. So after checking in with us at Volunteer Cabin Rentals, make sure and check out the engaging show at Smoky Mountain Opry Theater. For more information, see www.smokymtnopry.com

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