Ways to See the Smokies without Hiking or Huffing

Many families have members who cannot (or choose not to) exert major physical exercise to view the panoramic mountain scenery of our area. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to enjoy the view, while someone else does the work of getting you there. From old to new, budget to luxury, here are some unique options that will both provide spectacular views and create memories for all ages. We guarantee none of these are your typical at-home, backyard summer experience!

1. Helicopter Tours-These rides offer the ultimate personal panoramic view, with a variety of flight choices for all budgets. Explore the online discount for booking tours at this link: www.scenichelicoptertours.com

2. Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway-Since 1973, over 18 million passengers have experienced the 10-minute ride that transports them 2 miles to the resort at the top of Mt. Harrison. The return ride to downtown offers magnificent views of both Gatlinburg and the surrounding mountains. More information is available at www.obergatlinburg.com/activity/aerial-tramway

3. Wonders of Flight at Wonderworks-A recent addition to Pigeon Forge, this tethered, giant helium balloon suspends an open-air gondola 400 feet in the sky. Think of approximately 20 minutes of a peaceful, silent, floating platform from which to view the surrounding countryside. This safe and secure lookout can accommodate up to 30 people. Find more details at www.wondersofflight.com

4. Great Smoky Mountain Wheel-Located at the Island of Pigeon Forge, this new attraction opens officially next week on June 20. Take your family for a 4-revolution spin in a climate-controlled, enclosed glass gondola, which reaches 200 feet tall and can carry up to 8 people. VIP experiences are also available. For rates and additional information, see islandinpigeonforge.com/great-smoky-mountain-wheel

We are glad that you are choosing Pigeon Forge luxury cabins for your stay, and hope that Volunteer Cabin Rentals becomes your destination of choice each time you return to our area. Come relax with us, sit back, and enjoy the view: the majesty of creation here is breathtaking in every season.

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