Try the Downhill Rush of the New Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

Just go now! You must experience the newest adrenaline opportunity in our area. The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is now open for a smooth ride that your whole family can enjoy. The attraction is located 1.5 miles from Pigeon Forge at 867 Wears Valley Road, and definitely should be an item on your bucket list before you finish your vacation.
Think of an open sled car on a coaster track that provides a customized personal ride. Handbrakes grant the opportunity to control the speed of descent to equal the courage of the rider. The view is lovely at all velocities. The track length is more than a mile, and the ride up the hill is somewhat like a chairlift trip. Cables pull the cars to the top of the venue, and then the cars are released down the hillside. Including the towline to the top and running full speed to the bottom, the complete ride is a little over 7 minutes long, with a 300 foot drop in elevation along the way. Call 865-365-5000 for more information, and check the Facebook page hereĀ

Choose to stay with us for cabins in Pigeon Forge. We at Volunteer Cabin Rentals hope you enjoy relaxing in our comfortable accommodations after experiencing this unique thrill ride, one of many our area offers. Know that one trip down the hillside may not be enough!

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