One Last Summer Adventure: The Treetops Ropes Course

16Here’s hoping that you and your family are savoring these last few days of summer together in a Sevierville, TN cabin rental. Soak up all the free time and sunshine possible, before your school year routine kicks in again! How about one last kid adventure? Sevierville’s Adventure Park complex has newly added just this season a series of Treetops Ropes Course to their lineup of outdoor experiences. Here is that “something different” fun that doesn’t take all day-or all your cash.

There are both adult and junior’s courses offered. Ground school instruction is thorough, and safety emphasis is a priority. I recently took our tall 6-year old for his personal test run. Although young kids are allowed, minimum height is 45″, and recommended age is 8-11. Most school-age kids can easily master the clamp safety instructions and be off and running rather quickly, after some learning curve experimentation. As long as they can listen and follow simple instructions, frustration will be minimized.

The children’s event is located among the trees, in dappled shade under the canopy. There are 15 platforms, with events in between each, such as floating stairs, ropes bridges, tunnels, etc. There is relatively little danger involved, though a child may get pinched by a harness or some such small discomfort. It is almost impossible to fall from the course: one would have to make a concerted effort to do so, since you are always connected by at least one cable.

The child junior course is relatively compact, and adjacent to the adult layout, which logically offers more challenges. Don’t hesitate to try your skill at this new amenity: no previous experience is required. Please don’t miss this opportunity to make a family moment (or two!) before this summer is just a memory. This Sevierville location also offers horseback riding and ziplining, so packages are available for multiple activities. Please try the Treetops Ropes Course at Adventure Park today, to do some seriously fun “hanging around”.
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