New Eats of Note in Pigeon Forge: New and Soon-to-Come Restaurants to Try

Now that you have unpacked everyone and everything into your cabin rental in Pigeon Forge, your crowd has “gotta eat”. Maybe you have planned to grill out a family meal on the deck and enjoy the view. But if you are coming into town, there are a few new interesting choices to consider for a fun meal out. 

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe opened at 3240 Parkway in 2013, and is usually quite busy. An American food chain restaurant from Texas, it has large portions at reasonable prices. Nothing fancy, but usually good, with variety so that all can find something to enjoy. Check out this link for location directions and their downloadable menu:



Hard Rock Cafe moved its location from Gatlinburg, and is now found between Wonderworks and Smoky Mountain Opry Theater at 2050 Parkway, Pigeon Forge. Opening on May 20th,  its well-known music memorabilia venue and classic American food is a welcome addition, and now much easier to access with ample free parking at the door.
The Island in Pigeon Forge entertainment complex opened in 2013, and is filling up tenant space not previously leased. Locate the “cannot miss even if you try” lighted ferris wheel and you have found it. This is a destination spot to explore itself, but I wanted to provide a few eating options here.



Poynor’s Pommes Frites is definitely worth the trip. This is simple German food: brats and fries. But, oh, the fries: thick cut, Belgium fries with multiple sauces to dip them in, equals a fabulous indulgence. Then everyone can share a spoonful of Spaghetti Ice, a most fun dessert that is a trompe l’oeil food masterpiece. The picture above is not a pasta plate, but a creative sundae of vanilla ice cream, strawberry puree, shaved white chocolate, chocolate candies and sugar cookie sticks. It’s a fun memory-making spot to eat.
Timberwood Grill is another restaurant at the Island, which wraps a mountain theme around solidly tasty American food. A few creative menu items are offered, which you can investigate here:

Coming soon! There are several other locations to explore at the Island, and the construction of Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen restaurant is also underway and slated to open late summer 2014. More on that later this year.

So, make sure and visit your old favorites (or ask us here at VCR for ours), and give one of these new businesses a try. Let us know what you think!

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