Let Others Prepare Your Vacation Food

chicken-enchiladasLast time, I discussed finding celebration treats for your vacation get togethers. Although many families enjoy cooking together, some would rather take a hiatus from food preparation and go out to eat. Better yet, how about staying in for some serious relaxing, and having someone else do all the cooking?
Consider Healthy Balance Meals, located at 313 Court Avenue in Sevierville. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-2, and Sunday closed. You can purchase quick, made fresh takeout food. Order some single meals that can be microwaved and/or frozen. Assemble complete catering for your group function, and have all the details handled professionally.  This family-owned restaurant is a good choice to meet any of your vacation culinary needs.
All menu items are hand prepared, just as you would at home. The meals are made from fresh ingredients, not frozen or processed components. A nice menu variety allows options for all types of tastes. The food is delicious, flavorful, and created with care.
Ok, might as well mention that, yes, it’s also healthy! Serving sizes are portion controlled (but not meager), and no additives like MSG are used. So the meals provided are not only tasty, but also nutritious!
Group and quantity discounts are offered, and delivery is also available. So order in advance, or stop by on your way to your Sevierville cabin rental. Your first night’s meal can be ready and waiting for you! You can also stock up for your stay, or take the stress out of that large event gathering. Everything we have eaten is quite tasty: you’ll be satisfied with the ease of eating healthy too.¬†
Check out Healthy Balance Meals and their menu at this link. Heat. Eat. Enjoy!