Last Great Chance for a Good Scare-Kyker Farms After Dark

Ahhh, the sights and sounds of fall: crackling logs in the fireplace of your Sevierville cabin rental, multi-colored leaves tumbling in the breeze, strobe lights and chainsaws with screams of sheer terror or delight?

Yes, Kyker Frams Corn Maze is an annual limited engagement family fun time in the month of October. Located on a heritage farm homestead of 500-plus acres, the Kyker family creates the expected cornfield mazes (four to choose for the daytime), and a pick-your-own pumpkin field with a tractor-pulled hayride to and returning from the field.

There is also a clean playground area which features swings and tunnel slides, a straw bale crawl tunnel, a corn tub to swim in, and corn hole beanbag games. Families can also visit the critter barn to feed the farm animals, and a large bouncing pillow trampoline. Groups can enjoy using a bonfire pit and party area.

But a different fun begins “After Dark”: there are two opportunities for a spirited good time. First, the Zombie Blasterz, which is a ride through the woods with mounted paintball guns, where you can shoot at “real live” illuminated zombies, who don’t fire back at you. Just nail them mercilessly. Much fun!

If you prefer fear, try the Haunted Trail. Picture all of your nightmare creepies, and then put yourself on a footpath through a pitch-black cornfield. The place is full of nutty folk highly experienced in scaring the stuffing out of you, or whatever else comes out involuntarily when you scream.

It’s all in good fun, day or night. But hurry, here’s the link:

This is the last weekend to enjoy it all, though they will also be open next week on Halloween. We are all going, how about you?

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