Hottest Thing on 2 Wheels: Your Summertime Segway to Fall!


Hot off the presses! After checking into your rental cabin in Pigeon Forge, you must check out this new touring opportunity freshly opened on Old Mill Street just off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. Since mid-July, Segway Rental and Sales of Pigeon Forge has been introducing customers to the unique experience of exploring while standing on an elevated platform between two wheels. Even jaded teenagers enjoy this new way to cruise: riders minimum 14 years old and 95 pounds are eligible to drive here!

The Segway Personal Transporter tour is prefaced with a safety video review, helmet fitting, and basic skill practice to familiarize the rider with balancing and navigating the machines. Though some novices at first fear they may be able to crash by leaning too far forward or back, the equipment is self-balanced by internal gyroscopes. These stand-up rolling “chariots” are quite straightforward to operate, as long as the rider is capable of maintaining a grip.
The tour-guided route circles the Parkway, Teaster Lane, the Greenway and Patriot Park, based on time constraints, with the entire experience lasting about 90 minutes. Tours begin on the hour, every 2 hours at various times throughout the day, depending on availability.
So give new meaning to “rolling on the river”, and “come sail away” on a Segway. Add some unique fun to that “what I did on summer vacation” essay. Trust me, you will be glad you did. If you like, you can also purchase one at this location, and take home a most “out-standing” souvenir!
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