Enter into Indoor Adventure! MagiQuest Castle Pigeon Forge

If December weather holds true for east Tennessee this year, playing while away from your Pigeon Forge cabin rental for the day may require short sleeves or a winter parka! If you find that you desire a few hours of indoor adventure because of obstinate weather, consider MagiQuest Castle on the Parkway.

There are two stories of multiple activities contained within, which can be purchased as a package or separately. Be forewarned that if you are searching for inexpensive entertainment, this location is not it. Be informed (and preferably ticketed online) before you arrive to avoid admission sticker shock, and to choose the best value purchase option for your family.
The ground floor of the building has three separate attractions that are independent of the Quest experience, and can be explored on the same day or at a different time. Typically these three events are purchased as a nominal $5 upcharge combination to the quest attraction (a decent value since each event is about $4.50 child/$6 adult individually). If an ultimate package is purchased ($30 each person with online coupon), you receive all four activities (including basic take home wand) that can be used all together or on different days, since you receive an individual ticket for each event.
Indoor Black Light Miniature Golf-The Special FX Pirate Miniature Golf course is an 18-hole layout doused in neon colors, which creates a unique experience for the typical game of putt-putt golf. The course is self-contained in an enclosed area with pirate-themed scenery throughout and a centerpiece galleon ship in the middle. The course is not too simple, yet also not too challenging for even the youngest players.
The Vault-This activity is a takeoff from the latest spy movie you might have seen. A single open area is lighted only by green laser beam lines. As a timed, single-run event, each participant enters alone and is scored on how quickly they move through the room, and how often a laser beam is disturbed. Scores are available for viewing (and competitive comparison) after exiting.
Odyssey Mirror Maze Adventure-If you have a poor sense of direction, then you may spend longer than twenty minutes or so wandering the aisles of this attraction, among the disco lights. You are given complimentary plastic gloves to minimize fingerprints and keep from marking and spoiling the trail for others in this mildly challenging walk-through. Most families thoroughly enjoy this, and the price here is less than other mazes in the area.
The second floor is completely devoted to the interactive  scavenger hunt that is the Quest experience. Though most would consider this a youth activity, there are plenty of gamer adults that enjoy participating also. First-time visitors will be instructed by a host with a short tutorial regarding how to play the game. Each participant works independently with a personal, programmed wand to advance through the steps of the hunt. The location supplies plain loaner wands as part of the experience, but rest rest assured your child will want you to purchase a take-home version with decorative adders for an additional fee (poof! instant increased profit!). Note that the magic wand turns into a pretty stick when you are not using it in a Quest facility, so its “magical powers” are location specific without an active imagination. Regardless, the facility database stores what hunts (quests) that each specific wand/player has completed, along with character information. Should you want to return to any of their multiple locations around the country to continue the games not finished or selected on your visit here, the information is saved for your convenience.
The play session is 90 minutes long (or 60 minutes if you choose the less expensive loaner wand option), more than enough time to complete at least a few (maybe 2-3) quests, by following tasks and clues that require you to wander the forest, dragon’s lair, and village venues for multiple trips to solve the mysteries of your choice. A multi-screened “tree” is the starting point to select what scavenger hunt of clues you wish to try. The wand is pointed at screens and other emblems and items throughout the area, to virtually “gather” items. Additional clues and recorded instructions are given to advance through the hunt. Adults can accompany and assist younger children without any additional entry charge required.
There is really nothing frightening about the mysteries or spaces, unless mild suspense of a “dragon’s lair” or perhaps being in an enclosed “secret room” with some potential for having to figure out an exit would cause concern. There are costumed villager hosts stationed throughout the area to assist with questions, or help you advance with more clues as needed. This venue is as much fun for the creative mystery lover as it is for the silly adventurer, and also a great place for photo opportunities.
My take on the pros and cons of this attraction: If you are seeking something rather different from other fare available on the Parkway, this virtual, medieval scavenger hunt fills the bill, and even includes more traditional fun with a small upcharge. The facility is clean and well-maintained, with nothing diminished by nonfunctioning elements or the like.
Your experience can be adversely impacted by overcrowding that regularly occurs, and how respectful (or not) the group of your fellow patrons behaves. Early in the day and evening times are less populated, so plan on an off-hours arrival for a more private/personal experience, and less waiting in line. Nice outdoor weather also usually equals less volume of adventurers to share your journey.
So take some time to explore MagiQuest for entertaining, interactive, mystical fun in the mountains. Return later in the week (or on your next trip) to complete another challenge: Ye just might find it addicting!
For more complete seasonal pricing, operating hours, and activity details, visit the the website link below. Use the website coupons to purchase your best price package online. For a visual preview of what perils lie ahead, check out this video.

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