Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Here’s a scenario that’s not pleasant to think about: You’ve planned a trip to the Smoky Mountains, and you’ve already paid many of your travel-related expenses up front, including transportation, lodging and entertainment. But at the last minute, something happens that prevents you from being able to make the trip? In many cases, vacation expenses are non-refundable, which would typically leave you stuck with the loss.

That’s where travel insurance comes in. After booking and paying for certain trip expenses, such a policy would reimburse you if you have to cancel or delay your trip due to circumstances beyond your control.

Depending on the insurer and the policy, reasons for trip cancellation could include sickness, injury or death of you, a travel companion or a family member. If bad weather impacts your travel, or even if it renders your residence uninhabitable before you leave, such circumstances can be covered.

Other scenarios include work-related issues like strikes, job termination or relocations; call to service in the military; conflict with a student’s school calendar; theft of travel documents; or complications due to pregnancy or childbirth.

When you contact us to book one of our Wears Valley cabin rentals, be sure to ask us about travel insurance. We can connect you with the coverage you need to give you peace of mind before you travel.

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