DIY Dollywood Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes it can add extra fun to combine a little mystery into your theme park experience. As family season pass holders and frequent visitors to Dollywood, we have literally explored almost every corner of the park, watching it expand and evolve over the years. On a recent excursion, we began to collect trivia throughout Dollywood for an upcoming group gathering. Here is the resulting scavenger hunt that we compiled, along with the answers (and location if needed).

1. What European city is depicted in the painted murals on the Waltzing Swinger ride?
2. What two names are engraved on the bottom of the horses’  hooves?
3. What are the names of the two vintage steam engines that provide the locomotion for the Dollywood Express?
4. What year was Temple’s Mercantile Warehouse and Old-Fashioned Candy established?
5. How many spokes are on a single side of the small water wheel that is fed by the elevated water flume?
6. What saying is above the entry door just inside the Robert F. Thomas Chapel?
7. What partially intact vehicle has “landed” in a tree?
8. What building is the origin of the flaming explosion on the Firechaser Express?
9. How many whistles are located on Willy’s Engine?
10. If you choose to play the gong in the Lumberjack Jam Band, what cooking item was used to create it?
BONUS 11 . Who is the Master Craftsman Candy Maker of Dollywood?
1. Found in the Country Fair section, the scenes on the ride depict Venice, Italy.
2. On the Village Carousel, the horses’ all have the names Bradley and Kaye engraved on the bottom of their hooves.
3. The engine currently pulling the train cars is often mentioned while on board the ride, and any park conductor will know that Klondike Katie and Cinderella are the two engines that work so hard, out of the train station located in the Village.
4. The exterior Village building placard says 1880. Many establishments in the park are named after real locals known to Dolly. Jimmie Temple and his wife Marie operated the landmark Temple’s Feed and Seed in downtown Sevierville for many years.
5. Found in Craftsman’s Valley close to the chapel, there are 9 spokes that are sooo much easier to count when the wheel is not turning! Note-this is NOT the gristmill giant wheel, which will disqualify you on this question.
6. “The world is filled with beauty when your heart is filled with love.”
7. Adjacent to the Tennessee Tornado coaster in Craftsman’s Valley, most parts of a wooden wagon still remain “treed” all these years later after that epic windstorm.
8. This coaster in the Wilderness Pass area has its termination point in Crazy Charlie’s Gas, where the flames explode the coaster into reverse!
9. Whistlepunk Chaser is the location of the answer for this question, found in the Timber Canyon section. Willy’s Engine is the centerpiece display engine of the coaster, and there are 6 whistles on this vintage steamie.
10. On the downhill walk back from Timber Canyon to Showstreet, this children’s musical area has a gong created from an oversized iron skillet, not unlike those used for cooking in other areas of the park. A metal mallet is also attached for effective noisemaking.
11. On the wall of the Sweet Shoppe on Showstreet, there is a plaque that honors Linda Rice for her 35+ years of service in fresh candy making!
 If physically searched in order,  the hunt begins in Country Fair, and then makes a simple loop through the park to finish close to the main entrance on Showstreet. We awarded simple prizes for our event, but you can easily award the quickest successful players with park treats like fresh homemade taffy, an ice cream sundae, or the well-loved cinnamon bread. We hope you enjoy adding an extra twist to what is always a fun day, which can be shared by both the young and the young-at-heart. Come tell us at Volunteer Cabin Rentals if you enjoyed your extra detective work while visiting Dollywood!