Danger! Weight Gain is Likely When You Dine at Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

Southern hospitality is defined as your hostess insisting on feeding you when you enter her home. Paula Deen has built her career on successfully feeding millions her homestyle Southern cooking from her original home base in Savannah, Georgia.
paula-deen-frontThis month, we won’t have to leave Pigeon Forge to inhale the aroma of delectable Southern cooking, as Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen opens at the Island entertainment complex. Full-service and family style. Many home cooking places offer buffet, serve-yourself operations. This restaurant offers a server-attended experience, with a sit down and kick back meal: as close as you can get to a family table meal together in a restaurant environment. After you collectively select your entrees and sides, the items are brought on serving platters and in bowls to be passed and served around the table to each diner. Whether you are a family of two, twelve, or twenty, you’ll be able to consume food that a truly Southern mom has created and cooked up for you, through her restaurant business.
Be aware that a meal here at the Family Kitchen would not be considered a hurried, weeknight affair. No, by all means, these meals are more the celebratory, holiday get-together affairs over which you unbutton anything that constricts, and vow to start your diet on Monday (or at least use this as your cheat day).
We have found the hardest part is everyone agreeing on the three main dishes to choose, as it is hard to eliminate choices from the list of tasty favorites like fried chicken, pot roast, and spare ribs. You might need to negotiate and compromise on side items like corn casserole, creamed potatoes, and candied yams to settle the score.

paula-deens-kitchen Rest assured there is plenty for every palate to savor. Take it literally when it says “all you can eat”. That considered, also use your appetite guideline to choose which meal of the day makes most sense for your group. Since the restaurant is new and in a high traffic location, be aware that prime eating hours will be busy. Allot the amount of time necessary to not ruin your experience by trying to rush (that won’t work anyway). Call ahead seating is available, and is advised for large parties.
When asking others’ opinions, the only dissatisfaction with this venue would be from those who are “light eaters”. Consider the meal price and the volume as “all you can eat”, so there is not a “doggy bag” service to take any food away from the table with you. If you want dessert, which is included, make sure you pace yourself and don’t order appetizers. Don’t let your eyes overwhelm your stomach, and not much should be left behind. If you want a cheap breakfast, don’t expect to get it here. If you only eat one plate, make sure the bottomless plate price is okay, before you think the price is too high. The food quality is far better than a less expensive “belly up to the buffet” joint, and so is the atmosphere, which is upstairs overlooking the commons area of the complex.
So, access the menu on your free WIFI while still relaxing at your cabin rental in Pigeon Forge before taking a group to dine. That way, any gridlock over shared selections can be resolved to better enjoy the meal when you are at the restaurant.
paula-deens-storeBefore you depart, don’t forget to visit the Paula Deen retail store on the street level, as you waddle away from that satisfying, gut-filling, old-fashioned comfort food. The spacious store offers all things kitchen, with food preparation equipment, condiments, foodstuffs and cookbooks all available to those interested in the ways of the the Southern chef. In addition, housewares and clothing, and country home decor items are also available. Think a Williams-Sonoma store with a twang.

If you don’t mind the caloric content, it’s worth a stop to visit Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen Restaurant while you are in our area. Butter, seasonings, and hospitality. “Come on over, y’all.”