Come Fly Away Standing Still: Wonders of Flight Balloon Ride

wonders-of-flight-balloon-rideWhen we talk with customers regarding their desires for amenities in Pigeon Forge cabin rentals, our discussions almost always include questions regarding the mountain views from the home’s location. We are so blessed to live and work in such a beautiful setting, and are glad that you choose to come share it with us. How about a 360 degree view, unobstructed and panoramic, with up to 30 of those you love with you?
As long as you don’t have a fear of heights, Wonders of Flight offers pure viewing pleasure any time of year.It is particularly striking in the upcoming change of seasons to fall, where colors and vistas transform with jaw-dropping loveliness. What a great photo background for your family Christmas card! Repeat, DO NOT forget your camera for photos. This flight attraction is a tethered, helium-filled balloon with a round, open air gondola suspended below it as an observation floor. The balloon rises up to 500 feet, providing an “above it all” view of the surrounding sights. In silence, with no engine noise, this outdoor elevator of sorts is a truly unique experience.
Rack coupons, group discounts, and morning flight discounts are available, so you don’t have to fly for full price. Children under 36″ tall are free with an adult ticket purchase. The platform also allows wheelchair accessibility, so all members of your family can ride simultaneously. All rides are weather permitting, with outdoor temperatures, precipitation, and windspeed impacting the experience. 
Look for the upside down house that is Wonderworks, next to the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge. Wonders of Flight is located directly behind these attractions. The experience is a true bird’s eye view via a floating scenic mountain overlook, of the valley and mountains beyond by day and of the city lights by night. This flight does not require wings or a super hero cape! So check a balloon ride off your personal bucket list: we “highly” recommend it.
For the creator’s explanation of the balloon ride, watch this short video:

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