Classic Car Shows: Thoroughly Enjoy or Totally Avoid?

Everyone can envision their ideal vacation: restful serenity with quiet downtime, sightseeing activity with scheduled entertainment and retail therapy, or a combination of both for a family getaway. As I plan for extra drive time to reach our son’s soccer game over the weekend, I realized it is vitally important to consider calendar dates for maximum enjoyment of your vacation.

Specifically, there are two weekends each in September and April (with a sandwich week between) that bring classic car shows (aka rod runs) to the heart of the county in Pigeon Forge. Beautifully restored, custom vehicles line the streets and parking lots, and a substantial crowd of car enthusiasts come to town to admire them. These weekends bring very high traffic and visitor counts to the otherwise more laid back late summer and spring months. Passing through Pigeon Forge and continuing to Gatlinburg becomes challenging, with extended travel times during these events. My best analogy would be spring break in a small beach town, a high volume of people thoroughly enjoying themselves, and not in any hurry to get somewhere else.

This is not another diatribe on pros and cons, but merely a bottom line to say: plan accordingly. Want to join the fun? It’s never dull, whether to view the cars or watch the people. Want a restful, quieter vacation weekend? Come visit us at Volunteer Cabin Rentals, and choose cabin rentals in Wears Valley, which can be accessed from the more bucolic Townsend area, in addition to easy access from Pigeon Forge. We have an ideal location for both vacation worlds.

The major shows are typically in September and April, but can vary each year. To determine dates for these car show events, visit
Use this reference for future vacation planning in 2014, and make the correct choice for maximizing your family’s enjoyment.

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