Best Questions to Ask Customer Service About a Cabin Rental

It’s so much more than a hotel room. Vacation cabin living has so many advantages. Cabins are managed by rental agencies, and are usually individually owned. Owners of a family retreat are often just as concerned about guests’ treatment of their getaway, as you are concerned about renting the best choice for your family’s unique vacation requirements.

Matching your desires with the right property begins with perusing a website’s availability calendar, images and videos, along with the detailed information regarding a home’s interior and view. The easiest way to assure that you match a specific cabin’s experience to your vacation expectations is to make a great list of questions and talk to our customer service at Volunteer Cabin Rentals. It is in no one’s best interest for you to be surprised or disappointed. We truly want your stay with us to be a lovely getaway you’ll want to repeat!

If you are new to Wears Valley, Tennessee cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains, here are several questions to consider for your discussion with our friendly agents.

1. Location
Though most companies don’t supply exact addresses prior to stay for security purposes, general area information is always available.
Privacy: Is the location in a rental resort neighborhood, or is it secluded? Is it quiet or noisy; is there any construction occurring in the general vicinity?
View: With that great view, are the roads and driveway paved or gravel, steep inclined, or curvy mountain roads? How many vehicles can the parking area at the cabin accommodate?

Necessities: Where is the nearest grocery or discount store for purchasing staples?
Directions: These are typically provided at check-in. My best advice is to make sure that you understand them clearly before attempting to follow them. If at all possible, try not to make your first attempt at finding your secluded mountain cabin after dark. Unfamiliar rural roads can be both confusing and intimidating.

2. Amenities
Each cabin has an amenities listing provided, which we work hard to provide as accurate and complete as possible. Sometimes changes may be made by an owner and not communicated to our office. Sometimes a previous guest may damage or remove an item without notification (could we tell you some stories!).  Both cleaning and maintenance staffs perform routine circuit inspections of each location as part of their many responsibilities, but small items not readily obvious (like a burned-out bulb or broken kitchen tool) can be overlooked periodically. If any issues arise that need correction, we do our best to address them in a most timely manner.
Special event? Mobility issues? Pet-friendly locations desired?  Ask questions about units that can accommodate your specific needs.
What are the detailed instructions for use of the WIFI system? Instructions for using satellite television?
Who do you call if something breaks?

My thoughts are that if the small details matter to you, make sure you have answers (before arriving) regarding those small details to avoid frustration. Volunteer Cabin Rentals has professionally managed cabins for many years, and our people and standards have built a loyal family of repeat guests. We want you to join us for a wonderful stay in a mountain home away from home.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. We are happy to answer, and hope that you will join us here soon!

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