Best Local Sources for Celebration Sweets and Treats

So you have reserved a cabin in Wears Valley for that special event for your family, your group retreat, or your corporate event. At some point, dessert will be required! here are a few local handmade options as alternatives to buying standards from a grocery store or big box discounter. If taste is your highest priority, start here.


Homemade, old-fashioned staples like bread, pies, and cakes can be found at Anne’s Amish Bakery in Sevierville. No prefab stuff here. The business also offers new flavors and unique items, and recently introduced diabetic friendly pies. My cocoa tooth suggests the ugly brownies or the chocolate zucchini bread. Think Grandma’s melt-in-your-mouth, and you have the right idea.


Looking for rich cheesecake? Order a “can’t miss and won’t have any left” circle of deliciousness from Smoky Mountain Cheesecake Cafe. Made fresh daily, you will want to order ahead to ensure your choice from their artisan flavors.


Why not cater an ice cream social? Order the complete party from Marble Slab Creamery in Pigeon Forge, complete with mix-ins and a server to make the creations by request. What could be better than a customized scoop? There are now 2 locations open to serve you.


cupcakeOr go easy, and just take the cake from Gigi’s Cupcakes. From basic to gourmet-flavored, try this regional chain location, if frosting-topped cakes are a must for your event happiness.
With minimal extra effort, your celebration can be enhanced with a delectably sweet finish. All mentioned locations are Volunteer Cabin Rentals tested and approved! Enjoy.


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