A Little Vegas in Tennessee for New Year’s Eve

Want to end your year with a big and somewhat unusual bang? Something free and suitable for the whole family? With 26 years of celebration practice, Gatlinburg’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular is a popular tradition for many. The event is completely free, and is clustered around light #8 in Galtinburg, the intersection of Parkway and the Heritage Motor Nature Trail.

What is new this season is a free stage show, billed as “Witness the Impossible”, with a bit of glitz and sideshow flavor this year. Check out Superhuman Chad Netherland, who performs feats of impossible strength, that defy the laws of physics. These are man versus machine stunts, like the “Super Bike Hold”, keeping two motorcycles from speeding away with his bare hands. View a little of his ability at this link: http://www.youtube.com/chadnetherland

If brute strength doesn’t impress you, maybe matters of the mind will. Mentalist Bill Gladwell will also entertain with mind-bending twists and predictions. What he knows is sometimes beyond belief!  http://billgladwell.com/kwcm6tcazhiynncrwfk96spsblkkh3

This show is a fun addition to the live music and traditional countdown ball drop at midnight from the Space Needle. Let the kids stay up late with you to see the pyrotechnic spectacle of fireworks that rings in the coming year like nowhere else.

So leave that cozy Gatlinburg rental cabin for a short while, arrive early in town and have dinner, and then gear up for fun around 11 pm. Come enjoy the sights, crowds and festivities that are the annual New Year’s Eve Spectacular. Dust off those lyrics for Auld Lang Syne: singing it in the mountains with all of us is a great way to start the year!

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