6 Reasons to be Addicted to the Tennessee Smoky Mountains

So many have come here before, and many more will arrive for a first-time visit to the Great Smoky Mountains. Having lived here for many years, I still never tire of the blessing of being a local where so many come for vacation. That said, once the mountains are a part of your bloodstream, you just feel the need to keep returning. Here are some of the main reasons why:

1. Gorgeous Landscape-Nature, oh how I love you! Any season, in any weather, a discerning eye can find something glorious every day in Sevier County, if you just choose to look. Even this morning while driving my son to school, absolutely everything was outlined in glistening hoarfrost. This frozen dew is as beautiful as fine snow, and as fleeting as the misty ground fog, all of which will be gone by sunny noon today. But it is this type of unexpected beauty that can take your breath away when you least expect it: rounding a curve and seeing a rolling hills vista, the vivid shades of red and gold in autumn, the cheerful twinkling lights in winter darkness, that tiny wildflower by the trail. Such natural glory never grows old.

2. Mountain Activities-No matter your family’s age or size, there is something for everyone to enjoy outdoors in the mountains. Whether you slowly drive the Cades Cove Loop, zipline through a treetop canopy, or hike the toughest trail in the park, you can choose your level of immersion into nature. Making your choices is always a prioritization problem, because there is no way to see everything in one vacation! You will also want to revisit your personal favorite found spots in different seasons.

3. Ideal Location for Special Occasions-A secluded Smoky Mountain cabin rental is a prime location for whatever you plan to celebrate. From a romantic engagement to the wedding ceremony to an anniversary trip, a just the girls weekend to a family reunion to a holiday celebration, a youth group trip to a corporate retreat. Your plans can be met and expectations exceeded in the Smoky Mountains. Every time.

4. Valley Activities-If you are not enjoying the local natural outdoor wonders, there is still no reason ever to claim boredom. Mighty fine shopping of all types, theater show hopping, healthy or fattening dining of every cuisine, theme park thrills and putt putt skills can all be exercised happily. Repeatedly.

5. Relaxation Defined-The dictionary says to relax is “To make less tense. To reduce or stop work or effort. To release or bring relief from the effects of worry.” How do you escape? Relax here in any season: sink a chair in the shallow stream and read a book, or choose a crackling fireplace with popcorn and a movie. Create your own definition of doing nothing. Over and over.

6. Always a Reason to Return-That’s the addiction part. While rocking on the deck of your Wears Valley cabin, it is easy to make a list of “Next time I come, I want to try that”. Even we locals have a few things on that sort of list. There is something habit forming about so many choices available. Just talk to our repeat customers, who love the Smokies as much as we do. You may find yourself becoming one of those regulars soon. Come stay with VCR and fulfill your “mountain getaway fix”.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Volunteer Cabin Rentals.