5 Best Insider Tips for Snow Tubing Indoors at Pigeon Forge Snow: Downhill Thrills All Year Long!

Maybe you have fond memories of playing outside all bundled up on a snowy day as a child. Or maybe you grew up where you still wore shorts in balmy midwinter weather. What if you could have it all: fun in the snow, on any day of the year, regardless of the weather? What used to be only a daydream is reality at Pigeon Forge Snow Indoor Snow Tubing Fun Park!

 Located just one block off the main Parkway on Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge Snow is the newest way to hit the slopes, and it is the first and only location of its kind. You can’t experience indoor snow tubing like this anywhere else in the United States! An hour of tubing is $22, and 30 minutes of snow play is $8. Combo of both saves $3 at $27. Look also for specials online at their website and Facebook before making your reservation.

All the answers to your questions are yes! 
Yes, it is real snow, made from water only, through a unique snow blowing process. But you don’t want to eat it, so keep an eye on the littles with that.

Yes, they make snow every day, so you can catch a downhill ride in any season and in any weather. Rain? Extreme heat? Dark of night? Anytime is the right time, between open hours of 10 am to 9 pm. 

Yes, anyone can go tubing, from ages 3 years (minimum 38” tall) to 93 years. Plus there are no restrictions at all for the snow play area, so the whole family can enjoy playing together. 

Yes, you can come dressed as you are. Since indoor temperatures are 60-70 degrees, no heavy coats are needed. Shorts are fine, but if you are cold-natured, a light jacket or pullover will keep you comfortable. 

Here are some tips to consider: 
1. Morning is usually less busy than other times, and if you are lucky, you can keep going almost continuously, getting in more runs for your allotted hour on the tubing hill. Inquire when making reservations about availability and any potential large groups booking close to your time, which can decrease your number of downhill trips.
2. Speaking of large groups, this is the perfect place to celebrate a team event , a birthday party or family reunion activity. There are 12 lanes for downhill sliding when operating at full capacity. The play areas are spacious and self-contained, making it easy to keep watch over everyone involved. No worries about losing sight of those who need supervision.
3. The upstairs is open to the entire space, and is a super place to cool off on a hot day and enjoy watching others tube downhill while you relax and enjoy a soda or snack. So if Mom is out of gas, she can send Dad with the kids and catch a rest, along with a few photos. If you prefer, there is also an Alpine Photos company in-house during peak times, where you can purchase professional shots of your experience. 
4. For the snow play area, be aware that snowballs are not allowed, so it’s only building and basic playing in the cold stuff-make a snow angel! Use your judgment to decide for your crew whether you want to spend the added cost for this area. If it’s a novelty to your family, absolutely go for it! If snow is plentiful during your winters, you may choose to take a pass.
5.Though you don’t need serious outerwear for tubing, you might want some gloves to build a snowman or dig in the snow play area. So what do you do in the middle of the summer for gloves? If you walk out the front door of Pigeon Forge Snow, directly across Teaster Lane is the back door of a Dollar Tree store located in a strip center. Picking up a few rubberized garden gloves for a dollar a pair can make this area infinitely more fun to avoid frozen fingers for an hour. And a nice thing to do is to pay it forward to other companions in the snow when you are finished.

My favorite part of Pigeon Forge Snow is that it is truly ALL fun and NO work. There is a conveyor to take you to the top of the hill! You literally just stand and hold your tube as you ride upward. From my childhood memories of outdoor exhaustion, it sure beats dragging the sled and trudging in heavy snow boots!  There are also no worries about frozen toes and noses. What’s not to love?

Trust me, Pigeon Forge Snow is truly a one-of-a-kind, laughter-filled experience that you should add to your “must try this” list while visiting Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains area. See you on the slope soon, because It’s Snow Much Fun!

For more information, visit https://pigeonforgesnow.com