Quick Guide to Saving Money at Dollywood

It is an undisputed fact that theme parks can be an expensive family activity. To maximize your fun and minimize your cost while at Dollywood, check out these ways to cut expenses on admission, dining, and parking.

Admission Cost:
Seek discounts. Immediately review the Special Offers on the Dollywood website that are active during your visit. For example, Summer Saver tickets are $10 off each ticket if you purchase online, and attend between June 5 and July 2. Combination, multi-day tickets for both Splash Country and Dollywood also offer savings.  Military families receive substantial discounts with valid ID by purchasing tickets at the front gate. Not taking this step leaves money on the table!
“Come after 3pm, and the next day is free.” This highly promoted feature is a great deal for families to explore the park at leisure. Evening attendance also has the advantages of temperatures cooling after sunset and shorter lines at all venues. Study the map of the property, and plan your activities to be completed in each section, instead of wasting time crisscrossing the park for the next biggest event.
Consider season passes. If you are a regional traveler and visit the area different times of the year, it saves to purchase Dollywood season passes. A pass is less than two days admission price, and allows you to enjoy the various festivals throughout the year. A Gold Pass upgrade for one member of your party is also smart for multiple discounts: 20% on food and merchandise, and FREE parking. Hit all the hot weather water rides and view the nightly fireworks of the Great American Summer (June-August). Then return for the massive lights displays and holiday theater shows of Smoky Mountain Christmas (November-January). It truly is a different park experience for each event.
Food, Drink and Merchandise Expenses:
Eat the treats! Like any theme park, sitting down for a family meal can be pricy. If you choose to do so, know that Dollywood’s food is Southern hearty and quite tasty. The biggest budget saver is to eat meals off park (a large breakfast or lunch elsewhere) and then just enjoy treats while visiting. You must not miss the Gristmill cinnamon bread: it’s just $7 per loaf and is enough for several to enjoy a taste of its rich goodness. We also enjoy the Sweet Shoppe’s freshly made taffy candy for its lightweight portability. The  watch-it-made kettlecorn is another munch as you go smart buy.
Hydrate the smart way. Drinks are easy if you prefer water. FREE cups of ice water can be acquired from any food vendor in the park. Just ask for one: it’s company policy. If you must have soda, choose a refillable cup, share it, and then receive refill discounts throughout the season with that cup (you just have to tote it).
Go for Gold Pass discounts. Choose one adult member for this pass upgrade, and let them purchase all of the food, drinks, and merchandise. 20% off really does make a difference. The gold pass person must be present though, so consider who is the best choice to hold it.
Parking Fees:
Think park and ride. Parking at Dollywood is $12-18 depending on the size of your vehicle. Consider the convenience of the Pigeon Forge Fun Time Trolley system. The Trolley Station at Patriot Park is centrally located in Pigeon Forge and offers free parking. Rides are $.50 per person one way and depart about every 15 minutes during high season, offloading at Dollywood’s front gate! For a family of five, that’s $2.50 total each direction, plus the convenience of “front door drop off”.
Gold Pass makes it FREE. Allow me to do the math: the season pass gold upgrade is $52. It doesn’t take many visits to recoup this expense, and it is also quite pleasant to breeze through the entrance gate on the way to your parking spot without the extra initial outlay. If you are a regular attender, it is smart savings. Full disclosure, yes I am the Gold Pass holder for our family.
Overall, the Dollywood Corporation cares about providing a positive experience for your family. They work hard to make it a down home, pleasant, countrified day to a beautifully attractive place to visit.  Locals love it too. Ask anyone at Volunteer Cabin Rentals about their favorite coaster ride!