Don’t Scream! Best Places for Freshly Made Ice Cream in the Smokies

Talk about surviving the season! These sultry, summer days immediately whet my family’s appetite for a cool, sweet treat, and not just any ice cream will do. Of course, there are multiple locations of scoop servers like Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry’s, and regional Mayfield stores if you just want a simple fix. However, there are better options, where the frosty concoctions are made fresh in house, and not delivered by truck in frozen containers. Let’s review some preferred locations as listed by those unbiased, professional tasters on our staff.

Marble Slab Creamery-Although this too is a chain, all of their products are made fresh by the batch daily in store. They have many options of fruit and candy items that can be mixed into your chosen flavor to customize your serving, making it easy to satisfy everyone with exactly the treat combination they are seeking. There are two convenient locations in Pigeon Forge:  in the same building as Mellow Mushroom on the Parkway on the north end of town, and adjacent to Burger King, also on the Parkway on the south end of town.
Apple Valley Creamery Ice Cream and Bake Shop-Located in the center of the Apple Barn complex in Sevierville, the parlor is an old-fashioned spot to sit and and enjoy traditional ice cream treats, freshly made with generous portions. Its location serves over 60 handmade flavors rotated seasonally, has a pleasant nostalgic atmosphere, and plenty of free parking. An adjacent bakery area in the same store also offers fresh breads and muffins for purchase. Go for a banana split (enough to share), or the warm apple crisp a la mode.
Old Mill Creamery Ice Cream Bar-Another parlor location that is tucked in the shops of the Old Mill Complex in Pigeon Forge, this establishment is favored and remembered for its unique signature flavors. If you have never had Biscuits and Honey ice cream, or if you think that  chunks of homemade oatmeal creme pie should be included in your scoop of the day, try the too-big-for-one person servings at this shop.
Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt-Though not really ice cream, I must include a frozen yogurt location for those fans that prefer a lighter, yet still decadent treat. This place offers the soft serve stuff that you would never even realize is not custard ice cream, until you read the sign. Multiple unique flavors can be served individually or twisted. Serve yourself to get the exact quantity of each flavor you desire. Visit the clean and ample candy and toppings bar to add in whatever you require to complete your sundae masterpiece. My son swears the caramel apple flavor is like nothing else–and will never eat anything else! Gluten-free and sugar-free options are also available. One caution for nut allergies (with which our family must deal): the chocolate flavor is paired with peanut butter in the same dispenser. Because they can be twisted together in the center of the machine, the chocolate can contain residual traces of the peanut butter flavor. (I would change that in my perfect world). That has never kept us from being regular customers (even in December) at our beloved Sweet Frogs location, next to Firehouse Subs on the Parkway across from the entrance to the Island complex in Pigeon Forge.
This unscientific survey is provided purely by popular in house opinions, and does not reflect all available options for frozen treat indulgence in our area. But at least we can get you started with some viable options. One of them just may become a perennial favorite each time you visit your Pigeon Forge rental cabin. Guaranteed to make your vacation all the sweeter!