5 Best Pleasures of Off Season in the Smokies


Whew, what a ride this last year has been! I have spoken to many visitors who feel the same way; there are those of us who need a vacation, even from the vacation hustle and bustle! But now that the crazy holiday season has once again come to a close, may I strongly suggest you consider why the Smokies are a sensible place to be from January to mid-March? If you believe in resolutions, why not make one for a quick inhale of a respite weekend at a secluded Smoky Mountain cabin rental?

I present my case for some favorite pleasures of an off-season visit here. You can live like a local, and even contemplate becoming one of us!
1. Negotiating traffic not required. If during busier times, you have been stuck in traffic in a sea of “plates from multiple states”, come see what happens when three lanes of Parkway leave plenty of room for all to share. Should you want to travel from Sevierville through Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg, you will find it a rather pleasant drive. I immensely enjoy an uncrowded Parkway where I can briefly survey the mountain range beyond in all its glory on my morning drive. Getting around is a pleasure, and allows for plenty of exploring.

2. Seasonal views are available for a limited time only. Since it is an easy task to explore the area, I highly suggest you choose to hit some nooks and crannies that you may overlook at other times. First, winter in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park should not be missed. Even if there is snow accumulation (and the Newfound Gap Road over the mountain to Cherokee is closed), there are still many locations to check out breathtaking vistas. Because the days are shorter, I strongly suggest going early in the day, and changing your chosen spot to some of the lesser known areas for an almost private experience in the wilderness. Bears are hibernating, so there is not much concern there either. Though not vibrantly green like other seasons, you may be surprised to discover how intricately attractive GSMNP can be even while dormant. Review the website link, or talk to the visitor center for suggestions for a new spot to try. May I recommend Greenbriar Cove as an option? You need to find it anyway, because it is a hotspot to return to in the spring for the wildflowers and rhododendrons.
Of course, don’t forget that Winterfest lights also remain throughout the county through February, and even that hilltop view from your cabin is usually a more panoramic vista when the leaves make their seasonal exit.

3. Immediate seating is available. Now is the time to enjoy a romantic dinner together at your favorite restaurant. You can also consider those new eateries that are always require an extended waiting period in summer. Happily, for both visitors and locals, dining this time of year is an easy pleasure! Choose downhome barbecue from Bennett’s, hearty fare from the Pottery House Cafe, one of the restaurants at the Island in Pigeon Forge, or a special celebration at the Melting Pot or the Peddler in Gatlinburg.

4. Pull up to the door and shop until you drop. No need to navigate through a sea of sweaty fellow shoppers! Cool weather makes shopping here even cooler. Plenty of parking and a leisurely pace may just make you decide that all that pre-holiday madness is worth missing. Take your time to patronize the Glades Craft Community, the Village Shops, or the Tanger at Five Oaks.

5. Fire and Ice!-Okay, it’s fair to say that eastern Tennessee has its weather moments: usually a beautiful snow that lasts for a couple of days, and some tricky, icy backroads that linger a bit longer. Just be informed by Doppler and be prepared. No matter the weather, you can always enjoy the snow at Ober Gatlinburg. Much of it is “handmade” in addition to any natural accumulation. It’s the perfect place to learn to ski, snowboard, or try your hand at snow tubing and ice skating. You will probably see more folk, though, particularly on weekends.
Oh, and the fire part? Perfect. The only way to describe that carefree moment of bliss that can be achieved while staring into the flames of your cabin fireplace. Wood-crackling or gas logs, the warmth of the fire is my favorite suggestion to reheat your passion for winter relaxation here in the foothills.

Need more reasons to stay? Call us at Volunteer Cabin Rentals; we’ll be glad to help you with any suggestions you might need to make your winter getaway everything you desire. Make your reservation today!