Let Others Prepare Your Vacation Food

chicken-enchiladasLast time, I discussed finding celebration treats for your vacation get togethers. Although many families enjoy cooking together, some would rather take a hiatus from food preparation and go out to eat. Better yet, how about staying in for some serious relaxing, and having someone else do all the cooking?
Consider Healthy Balance Meals, located at 313 Court Avenue in Sevierville. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-2, and Sunday closed. You can purchase quick, made fresh takeout food. Order some single meals that can be microwaved and/or frozen. Assemble complete catering for your group function, and have all the details handled professionally.  This family-owned restaurant is a good choice to meet any of your vacation culinary needs.
All menu items are hand prepared, just as you would at home. The meals are made from fresh ingredients, not frozen or processed components. A nice menu variety allows options for all types of tastes. The food is delicious, flavorful, and created with care.
Ok, might as well mention that, yes, it’s also healthy! Serving sizes are portion controlled (but not meager), and no additives like MSG are used. So the meals provided are not only tasty, but also nutritious!
Group and quantity discounts are offered, and delivery is also available. So order in advance, or stop by on your way to your Sevierville cabin rental. Your first night’s meal can be ready and waiting for you! You can also stock up for your stay, or take the stress out of that large event gathering. Everything we have eaten is quite tasty: you’ll be satisfied with the ease of eating healthy too. 
Check out Healthy Balance Meals and their menu at this link. Heat. Eat. Enjoy!

Best Local Sources for Celebration Sweets and Treats

So you have reserved a cabin in Wears Valley for that special event for your family, your group retreat, or your corporate event. At some point, dessert will be required! here are a few local handmade options as alternatives to buying standards from a grocery store or big box discounter. If taste is your highest priority, start here.


Homemade, old-fashioned staples like bread, pies, and cakes can be found at Anne’s Amish Bakery in Sevierville. No prefab stuff here. The business also offers new flavors and unique items, and recently introduced diabetic friendly pies. My cocoa tooth suggests the ugly brownies or the chocolate zucchini bread. Think Grandma’s melt-in-your-mouth, and you have the right idea.


Looking for rich cheesecake? Order a “can’t miss and won’t have any left” circle of deliciousness from Smoky Mountain Cheesecake Cafe. Made fresh daily, you will want to order ahead to ensure your choice from their artisan flavors.


Why not cater an ice cream social? Order the complete party from Marble Slab Creamery in Pigeon Forge, complete with mix-ins and a server to make the creations by request. What could be better than a customized scoop? There are now 2 locations open to serve you.


cupcakeOr go easy, and just take the cake from Gigi’s Cupcakes. From basic to gourmet-flavored, try this regional chain location, if frosting-topped cakes are a must for your event happiness.
With minimal extra effort, your celebration can be enhanced with a delectably sweet finish. All mentioned locations are Volunteer Cabin Rentals tested and approved! Enjoy.


Hottest Thing on 2 Wheels: Your Summertime Segway to Fall!


Hot off the presses! After checking into your rental cabin in Pigeon Forge, you must check out this new touring opportunity freshly opened on Old Mill Street just off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. Since mid-July, Segway Rental and Sales of Pigeon Forge has been introducing customers to the unique experience of exploring while standing on an elevated platform between two wheels. Even jaded teenagers enjoy this new way to cruise: riders minimum 14 years old and 95 pounds are eligible to drive here!

The Segway Personal Transporter tour is prefaced with a safety video review, helmet fitting, and basic skill practice to familiarize the rider with balancing and navigating the machines. Though some novices at first fear they may be able to crash by leaning too far forward or back, the equipment is self-balanced by internal gyroscopes. These stand-up rolling “chariots” are quite straightforward to operate, as long as the rider is capable of maintaining a grip.
The tour-guided route circles the Parkway, Teaster Lane, the Greenway and Patriot Park, based on time constraints, with the entire experience lasting about 90 minutes. Tours begin on the hour, every 2 hours at various times throughout the day, depending on availability.
So give new meaning to “rolling on the river”, and “come sail away” on a Segway. Add some unique fun to that “what I did on summer vacation” essay. Trust me, you will be glad you did. If you like, you can also purchase one at this location, and take home a most “out-standing” souvenir!
Find more details at:

One Last Summer Adventure: The Treetops Ropes Course

16Here’s hoping that you and your family are savoring these last few days of summer together in a Sevierville, TN cabin rental. Soak up all the free time and sunshine possible, before your school year routine kicks in again! How about one last kid adventure? Sevierville’s Adventure Park complex has newly added just this season a series of Treetops Ropes Course to their lineup of outdoor experiences. Here is that “something different” fun that doesn’t take all day-or all your cash.

There are both adult and junior’s courses offered. Ground school instruction is thorough, and safety emphasis is a priority. I recently took our tall 6-year old for his personal test run. Although young kids are allowed, minimum height is 45″, and recommended age is 8-11. Most school-age kids can easily master the clamp safety instructions and be off and running rather quickly, after some learning curve experimentation. As long as they can listen and follow simple instructions, frustration will be minimized.

The children’s event is located among the trees, in dappled shade under the canopy. There are 15 platforms, with events in between each, such as floating stairs, ropes bridges, tunnels, etc. There is relatively little danger involved, though a child may get pinched by a harness or some such small discomfort. It is almost impossible to fall from the course: one would have to make a concerted effort to do so, since you are always connected by at least one cable.

The child junior course is relatively compact, and adjacent to the adult layout, which logically offers more challenges. Don’t hesitate to try your skill at this new amenity: no previous experience is required. Please don’t miss this opportunity to make a family moment (or two!) before this summer is just a memory. This Sevierville location also offers horseback riding and ziplining, so packages are available for multiple activities. Please try the Treetops Ropes Course at Adventure Park today, to do some seriously fun “hanging around”.
For more information, view this video and website links: